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Title : Avatar Update - Coming Really Soon
Date : 2021-08-02 Count : 26180
Hello Pilots!

A very large avatar shop update is just around the corner. We are currently in the midst of adding and modifying 4,716 avatars to the game (which is currently over 3,000 more than we currently have). There have been numerous dates given for this update to happen, however the vast amount of avatars is proving rather...challenging to meet that timeline! We are currently reviewing prices, stats, etc. for each and every avatar prior to doing this release, and we want to make sure we get this right. Most of these avatars will be hidden in the game files, however we will be unhiding them as time goes on (and yes, this includes many popular requested items such as Observador, Frozen Warrior, etc.).

You might be wondering why we don't just simply append them on top of the current shop? Well, the reason why is because we are actually replacing all avatars in the shop with fixed versions, all with updated prices - This also means that all current avatars all users currently have and own will need to also be deleted/wiped (although we will not be wiping the 999,999,999 gold from all accounts, not yet). This avatar update should be completed within the week.

This update is quite the undertaking and it's taking us a bit more time, however upon its completion will only make us one more step closer to being out of beta. All beta users will be given a rare Party Hat avatar, as promised earlier.

Thank you for all your patience everyone!


GunBound Retro Team
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