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1. Using the esc key you can exit the game or set the option.
2. Here is the Moon Disk and its function.

The land of force "Ronde" is filled with energy and when "Star of Force" appears, the satellite and the Ronde interacts their energy. And while doing that, the pole of energy is created from surface to satellite. The Force remains until the Star of Force hovers over the land of Ronde and when Star of Force appears continuously, more Force is created.
The bomb that went through the Force increases its power according to the time it remained inside the Force.
The satellite fires strong radiation heat and it heats up the surface and create Hurricane. Hurricane remains until the Star of Hurricane remains and if the Star of Hurricane appears continuously more Hurricanes are created.
It creates hurricanes and manages it. The bomb that goes through Hurricane will be twisted by the blowing wind and the direction of the shot will be altered.
It is a steel satellite with strong protons. It is said to be made by the ancient civilization and its function is not known by the people of the Ronde. The pole of electricity remains until the Star of Magnetic Force remains and when the star of Magnetic force appears continuously more eletric-poles appears.
It creates electric-pole and manages it. Bomb that goes through the eletric-pole get magnetic force and creates thunder bolts.
It is the slowest satellite to orbit the planet. Because of its slow orbiting speed, it disturbs the weather of the planet.
When the Star of Wind appears, the direction of the wind keeps changing and disturbs the shooting. When the Star of the Wind disappears the direction of the wind is fixed.
It is the biggest and coldest satellite to orbit the planet of Ronde. It sends down its cold airs to weaken the land below.
The damage of the surface increases by 15%
It is called the mother of all life and it has magical power of spreading out energy of life.
It increases energy of all the mobiles and especially bionic type mobiles gets twice the effect.
It is a small satellite with enormous power to attract all the surrounding energy.
All the items are disabled and all the items used at last turn loses its functions. And even the shield-type mobile stops recovering its shield.
A battle hammer known to have used by the mythological warlord named Toul, due to its massive weight alongside with its powerful laser, one swing alone possess the awesome destructive power beyond your imagination. This is the ultimate lord's weapon only used for the purpose of destruction.
The name of the 8th moon is the Destruction and when the moon rise a big war satellite appears in the middle of the game screen. This war satellite shoots the players and when it hits the mark extra shots are fired to the spot to increase the damage. Also this war satellite feeds and grows into a even more powerful one by the damage it causes to the players.

3. This is the amount of gold during playing the game.
3. Variety of Bonuses available:
3. Bonus for; the direct hit damage, the high angle shooting, when a player's game ends by the damage given by
3. yourself, when you bungee other player and when the other player's accumulated damage reaches 1000 or 2000
3. you can earn the score and bonus.
3. You can dress up your Avatar by purchasing the special items from the Avatar shop using this gold.
4. This is the item window. It displays all the items for you to use in game. (Shortcut ; From Left to Right F1~F6)
4. (When Sudden Death mode is activated, this item window will be closed and the Sudden death window will
4. be displayed in its place. It will display the kind of Sudden Death the game is playing)
5. You can skip your turn. (Click on the ‘TURN' or press F8 key to achieve this action.)
6. The direction and the strength of the wind in the game is displayed ("" indicates the direction of the wind and
5. it's normally upwards or downwards. The Maximum strength of the wind is 32.)
7. This is the set time for each turn and displays the time left for a turn.
8. This is the game screen.
9. This is the player's ID lists in the room and each ID goes up by one line every time the turn goes round between
9. the players.
10. This is the chatting window. (If you click on "ALL" and chat, this will be shown to everyone in the room.
10. However if you click the "ALL" button once more the mode will change from "ALL" to "TEAM", enabling you to
10. chat only between the team members. Shortcut ; F9 )
11. This shows you the information regarding the current player.
12. You can select between two weapons. (Shortcut ; TAB)
13. SPECIAL SKILL (This is the Mobile's 3rd weapon and has the special ability but only able to use every 4 turn.)
14. This shows you the angle of the shot you are firing.
15. This is the gauge showing the strength of the shot you are firing from your mobile. (There are 3 different kind of
15. shot types available and Click on ESC on the top left hand corner of the game screen to open a menu screen and
15. choose.)

Drag Shot Click on a game screen then drag the cursor as much to the power you wish to apply to the shot. The advantage of this type is that you can reduce the delay significantly but the controlling the amount of strength is not very easy so best recommended for the high level players.
  Slice Although not 100% accurate in ranging the shot, this is the best recommended shot type for the beginners.  
  Sniper This is the most accurately ranged shot available. The shot range is accurate down to 1 dot; however, you need to keep your hand real steady and control to use it for best result.  

16. In the TAG match mode your Mobile in waiting shows up and if you press TAG or F7 while playing the game you
16. can swap the Mobiles.
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