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1. You can change the name of the room when you are the chief of the room.
2. You can check the location of the server you are connected to.
3. This shows you the list of the ID's and the ranks of the players in the current game room.
4. The chief of the room can choose the map that will apply to the actual battle.
5. You can see the number of the Moon disks applied on the chosen map and these moon disks are arranged
5. randomly on the game map.
6. The chief of the room can set the game mode.

Each team plays with the given score and even if you are out of the game as long as there are any score left for the team you continue with the game. Any team who makes other team's (opponent's) score zero(0) wins.  
  You play with the one chosen mobile.  
  You play with 2 mobiles of your choice and play the tag match way game.  
  Players are arranged randomly on the map(fixed)  
  The pit made (on the map) during an explosion is increased by 2.5 times.  
  Able to use SS weapons endlessly.  
  The weapons will work with double shots instead of the normal single shot.  
  The Death Mode can't be applied  
  Higher chance of obtaining an attack item.  
  Players have even chance of obtaining the various items randomly.  
  Player can preset the starting time of the SUDDEN DEATH as "after 40turn, 56turn, 72turn".  
  Player can set number of people to battle with (1:1, 2:2, 3:3, 4:4).  

7. This is the chatting window.
8. You can choose the mobile to ride in the battle.
9. This window shows you the item you already have or recently purchased. If you click on an item you can
9. cancel the chosen item.
10. You can choose the item to use. (Items can be purchased free of charge and the number displayed on
10. the item icon indicates the amount of delay applied when the item is used.)
10. * The chief of the game room can restrict the use of item by making a right click on the item icon.
11. Moves you to the waiting room.
12. Open or close the Game Buddy.
13. Allows you to change the team.
14. The "Start" button will appear for the chief of the room and the "ready" button for the other players.
14. * The chief of the room can only start the game by pressing "start" button when all the players in the room have
14.   pressed their "ready" button.
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