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1. Shows you the information such as your level, ID, score, possessing gold and cash
2. Able to recharge the cash. And you can buy Avatar items with the gold.
3. Shows you the selection of clothes, accessories and information regarding them.
4. Shows you your Avatar.
5. Shows you the difference of your Avatar's abilities according to the clothing or accessories they are wearing.
5. Can only be activated in Avatar able server(Avatar server) and are categorized into 8 different abilities.
5. The maximum ability of an avatar when worn does not go over 50.

DELAY (Hour glass shaped icon, unit: %)
Changes the existing delay of the mobile you are using.
  POPULARITY (Star shaped icon, unit: %)
The ability to fascinate the crowd with your best costume in order to gain more prize
(ie. Gold) which effects the amount of money and the penalty you will be given.
  ATTACK (Sword shaped icon, unit: %)
Changes the damage which your mobile receive during a battle but does not apply to the bombing system.
  DEFENSE (Shield shaped icon, unit: %)
Changes the defense ability of your mobile.
  ENERGY (Heart shaped icon, unit: %)
Changed the energy level of your mobile but does not effect the shield.
  Shield recovery (Shield shaped icon in the blue circle, unit: %)
Increases the recover ability for the shield typed mobiles.
  ITEM SKIP DELAY (Blue hour glass shaped icon, unit %)
Minimize the amount of delay when using an item.
  PIT ANGLE (Shovel shaped icon, unit: %)
Increases the area of pit made during an explosion.

6. Shows you the list of the Avatar items you have.
7. Under development.
8. Let's you see the other Avatar items by choosing up or down.
9. Enables you to resell the Avatar items you've purchased.
5. (However the price will be lower compare to the original purchasing price. Although you've used cash to
5. purchase the item it will be conversed into gold in reselling).
10. Under development.
11. Let's you gift the Avatar item you've purchased to the other people.
12. Let's you see the categorized lists (hat, costume, glasses, accessories) of the avatar item.
13. Enables you to preview the Avatar wearing the chosen item before purchasing.
14. Click on the chosen Avatar item then click on the BUY button to purchase.
15. Direct you to the waiting room.
16. Enables you to open or close the GAME BUDDY
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