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01.     What is Guild
      A Guild is an official game community provided as a part of the game system. A user can easily create or join a guild by filling out little bit of required information on the official website. A user could gather other gamers who can enjoy the game together via other fan sites. However, using the Guild system provided by Gunbound will not only accept the guild as an official community of the game, but will also provide additional factors that make the game playing more enjoyable and fun.  
02.     Guild Activities
      To create a guild, the gamer has to reach the rank specified by the developers, and pay a certain amount of Gold, the currency of Gunbound. This is to prevent users from exploiting the system by making too many guilds and using guilds for illegal activities.
In a guild, the user who creates the guild becomes the guild master of the guild, who takes care of important things of the guild such as: accepting people's requests to join the guild, kicking the guild members out, and closing the guild. Since the guild master takes the most important roles, checking the reputation of the guild master is an important part of picking a good guild to join.
To become a guild member, the user has to submit a request form via official website, and wait for the guild master to review accept it. A user can join one guild at a time, and to join another guild, he/she has to quit the current guild.
A user can quit a guild by him/herself on the website, or get kicked by the guild master.
For active and enjoyable guild activities, Softnyx provides tournaments between guilds, and provides special flags to differentiate guilds.
03.     Conditions for Creating or Joining a Guild.
      Users with certain conditions can create a guild.
Creating a guild requires that the user meets 2 conditions. The first condition is that the user has to have a rank of silver axe or above, and second condition is that the user needs to have 20,000 Gold of creation fee.
To join an existing guild, the user has to have a rank of metal axe or higher.
Joining or quitting a guild doesn't cost anything.
04.     How to Create a Guild
      A. To create a guild, you have to meet 2 conditions.
B. First, you need to have a rank of silver axe or higher.
C. Second, you need to have 20,000 Gold of creation fee.
D. If you create a guild while logged onto Gunbound, you have to reconnect to the game to update
E. the information and show the guild's name above the game ID.
E. If there is a user who wants to join your guild, the user has to submit a request form (available
E. from the website) and be accepted by you to become a guild member.
E. * If the guild master's Internet Explorer version is low, the request forms may not appear, so it is
E. * important that the Internet Explorer is updated to the latest version.
E. * If you use special characters for guild names, it may not appear properly.
05.     Joining a Guild
      A. First, if there is a guild you want to join, go to the Guild List of the website search for the guild's name
A. or the ID of the guild master.
B. If you find the guild you're looking for, click it and submit a request form.
C. You have to have minimum rank of metal axe to join a guild.
D. After sending the request form, the acceptance by the guild master will instantly make you a guild
A. member, and the guild name will appear in front of your game ID.
E.  * If you're logged onto the game when you get accepted, you have to reconnect to update your
E.  * information and show the guild's name in front of the game ID.
06.     Quitting a Guild
      A. Quitting a guild will delete your name from the member list of the guild and you will once again be
A. guildless.
B. To quit a guild, search the name of you guild on the Guild List of the website, or login on the
B. website and click on "My Guild" button to see the guild that you're currently in.
C. Enter the guild page and click on the "Quit Guild" button to quit the guild.
D. If you're the guild master and quit the guild, the next highest ranker of the guild automatically
D. becomes guild master
D. * If you want, you can give the title of the guild master to other specific ID's.
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