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01.     Primary Operating Policy
      The following Operation Policy is the most important policy to follow. All the services provided from us to the players will be based on this policy.
This Policy is to reduce the amount of user complaints about the service and any other discomfort that can be brought up while providing service. Any user who violates this policy will be dealt accordingly.
Gunbound Management team has the authority to edit and update the above policy as they wish, and well noted notice will be posted on the web if there are any changes made to the policy. Gunbound Management does not take any responsibility for users who do not read the notice on the web and violate the updated rules in anyway. Also the management team will restrict those who violate the policy without any warning or prior notice.

Any other miscellaneous policies that are not stated in the Operating Policy will be stated in the Users Agreement Form. GM has the ability to make a judgment upon the policy.
The following content is organized in a way to give users the best idea on what the rules and policies are. If better rules or policies are discovered, the old one can be updated with the new rule, and it'll be enforced upon its update.
02.     Game ID Policy
      All users must choose a Game ID before playing GunBound, however there are some restrictions with this, as all users will need to ensure that their Game ID is appropriate.

Game ID that is deemed inappropriate
      - Any ID that suggests sexual themes.
      - Profane language is unacceptable.
      - Any ID that appears to suggest racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQ, or anti-religious.
      - Any other ID that appears to be attacking groups of people of any kind.
      - If your ID looks like it's advertising, you will be banned.
      - Any ID that appears to be anti-politics.
      - Impersonation of GunBound Staff.
      - Impersonation of any other GunBound player.
      - At the discretion of GunBound Staff, if thought to be offensive and doesn't fit above.
03.     Fraud Related Operations Policy
      Fraud and any soft of forgeries are prohibited. GunBound Staff will not take a part in any sort of dispute unless it is determined to harm the Community or disturb the order. Despite the fact that GunBound Staff will not take a part in these disputes, they may bring up a solution, and unable to follow this solution may result in account restriction.

Exchange of account and items for real-world money is not supported by GunBound. Our staff will not reimburse You or your account in the event that you get scammed like this.
04.     Third Party Programs / Bug Abuse Policy
      1) It is against our Game Rules to abuse any bugs, or to use any Third Party tools that allow a user to gain an unfair advantage in-game.

2) Anyone caught using Third Party Programs with ill-intent will have their account banned forever, including any alternate accounts we believe belong to them.

     * Ban appeals relating to game hacking are ineligible to be overturned.

     * Illegal programs include any programs other that are capable of modifying the server data using third party programs for one's advantage over other users.
05.     Customer Service Policy
      1) Mail Q&A is one of two ways to contact GunBound Staff for support. We will work hard to respond within 48 hours, however we do ask for your patience.

2) Please keep the following in mind when using Mail Q&A:
     - Please ensure you are logged into our website prior to reaching out. Make another account if necessary.
     - Ensure your question is relevant to GunBound, and be specific.
     - Please do not ask for personal favors to gain benefit, they will be denied.
     - Always respect GunBound Staff, using profane language will only get your account banned and your request denied.
     - Do not spam Mail Q&A, otherwise we will be forced to limit your account.
06.     Home Page/Free Board Policy
      1) The Free Board is a place to discuss with other users. GunBound Staff are not obligated to acknowledge any thread in the Free Board.

2) External advertisements, abusive language, spam, or anything else deemed inappropriate should not be posted on the Free Board.

3) Users who continue to go against our Game Rules and Policies on the Free Board will have their account limited.
07.     Customer Account Management
      1) We will not sell your personal information to third parties, however if required for a legal investigation, GunBound.ca will comply with the law.

2) We will not assist users who were careless with the maintenance of their account. If you share your account with a friend, and they turn against you and steal your account, that's unfortunate for you, and that account now belongs to them.

3) If your account has been hacked, and the person has stolen all your items, Gold, and/or Cash, we will do what we can to assist you via Mail Q&A. Please note that if we determine after investigation that the person who took such actions against you was authorized by you to share your account, we will deny the request.
08.     Reimbursement and Refund Policy
      1) If you lose your Gold, GP, or items due to a game bug or server glitch that you had no control over, we will do what we can to assist you. In most cases, an account may be rolled back to a previous date.

2) Your in-game items, Gold, GP will not be reimbursed if it was the result of you breaking one of our game policies. (Such as trading your account/items for cash, or using unauthorized third party programs for an unfair in-game benefit).

3) There is nothing we can do if we determine that the issue was of fault on the customer end (such as a faulty PC or internet connection).
4) Although we are not currently taking any real world money for users to Cash Charge, in the event that we do, we stress that all transactions are final. Only in exceptional cases will we consider doing Cash refunds.
09.     Customer Duty and Right
      1) By using our service, you agree to all of our aforementioned policies, Terms of Use, and any violations to our Game Policies & Rules will be punished accordingly.

2) You agree to provide us with true and accurate information upon registration.
3) All characters, items, accounts, and other game content belongs to us, and we are licensing to you the use of the account you create to use our services. You have the right to use our services unless we terminate your account.

4) If you find a bug, please report it to us. Abusing game bugs and especially publicizing the bug will lead to service suspension or permanent ban.

5) You can report other users for breaking policy, make suggestions, or inquire our staff for support via Mail Q&A. Please note that false reports can lead to a suspension.

6) Via Mail Q&A, you can consult with GunBound Staff, and we will do what we can to help you out as diligently as possible.
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