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softnyx :::: Welcome to 'GunBound'::::
softnyx :::: Welcome to 'GunBound'::::
softnyx :::: Welcome to 'GunBound'::::
Since most of the free board abusers are low rankers, we have made some restrictions. You have to be at least the level
of double wooden hammer in order to post a message on the free board section.
Any message against the rules of this board will also be deleted without any notice.
Title : What’s your favorite mobile?
Writer : Zilch Date : 2021-03-30 Count : 2073
Do you have a favorite mobile? What’s your least favorite mobile? Anything particular mobile you want to eventually learn?
    Mathematix favorite: boomer. least favorite: JD; want to learn short-range SS shots(2021-03-30)  
    Player Nak and Boomer but I don't remember if I've had a least favorite since they were all pretty fun from what I could remember(2021-03-30)  
    Haak Nak is baller(2021-03-31)  
    LaLeY Favorite mob/most used: ice, least favorite would be big foot for sure(2021-04-01)  
    Anna Boomer and Nak were my top favs also. Least fav, maybe A.Sate or Armour. I miss this game so much, I'd give any one of them a hug, though.(2021-04-01)  
    Wishengrad Favorite: Knight + Aduka + Kal. Least Favorite: Boomer. Definitely want to learn A.Sate and Kal better.(2021-04-05)  
    brbdinner Trico because it’s the cutest one :) (2021-04-11)  
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