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Since most of the free board abusers are low rankers, we have made some restrictions. You have to be at least the level
of double wooden hammer in order to post a message on the free board section.
Any message against the rules of this board will also be deleted without any notice.
Title : Website Ver: 0.79
Writer : Zilch Date : 2022-05-17 Count : 8096
Hi everyone,

The website has received a few minor updates:
- Freeboard now shows 30 topics per page (was previously 15).
- You can no longer type in the replies section of the freeboard when not logged in. Some users got frustrated with typing in a reply, only to find out that they were not logged in and they lost what they typed. Hopefully this helps with that.
- In the left menu, under Ranking, there is now a [Level Tree] button next to Total Ranking, and [More Info] button next to Season Ranking, just to make things a bit easier to navigate and to give more context to those menus.

That's all for now.

    Sandwich gj my friend(2022-05-22)  
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