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Title : Gameplay in other world (Mobile Balance)
Writer : iDomusPrime Date : 2022-04-29 Count : 8806
Video A

Video B

GunBoundWC - Battle (New... Mobile Balance)

I think this resistance and damage...should be used in GunBound Retro.
The damage resistance of all mobiles is much higher, being a Season 2 file.

PS: the videos do not correspond to this server.
    Chad6468 Fig in miramo bro? If i change to miramo its same skill ? because i creat this miramo town and return in 2012 dummy sloope B with gms. I would like to know if theese maps are originals..and suggest to us creat MIRAMO C to me(2022-04-30)  
    oooo dxwnd mouse input bug?(2022-04-30)  
    iDomusPrime In what minute and video? oooo...(2022-04-30)  
    TioJulio I'm agree about the resistance but if the games will be more longer, i really want win more GP. For me is boring play a longer game just to win 2-3gp or 6-7gp.that's my opinion. love you all (2022-05-01)  
    iDomusPrime Good point about the GP obtained. Indeed, the GP assigned, per win, is an easy thing to apply ^^)(2022-05-01)  
    oooo everytime you shoot, the display would automatically scroll to the edge.(2022-05-08)  
    iDomusPrime If you can, with the Drag (Mouse) shot, you have to move the hand to the right to load this bar. The screen moves to move the mouse. It's not a bug. If you keep the right button pressed, and drag it down, until you need to hit the shot, the screen moves with that gesture. But... you can slow down the camera movement, with options, Mouse Scroll Speed, reduce it.(2022-05-08)  
    oooo dxwnd + multi-monitor setup + negative window coords locks the camera to the edge of the map. yea, i know you can move the camera while dragging. its just weird tat your target would always go out of focus.(2022-05-10)  
    iDomusPrime Well I don't use dxwnd. I always play full screen, native to the game.(2022-05-10)  
    iDomusPrime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l26yP_lV-xs **(2022-05-10)  
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