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Title : Windowed Mode for Gunbound WC
Writer : oooo Date : 2022-03-28 Count : 10380
    Zilch Gonna be testing this out. If it works well, you OK if we patch this in as an option for users? 👀(2022-03-28)  
    iDomusPrime I sent an email to support, maybe it will be useful.(2022-03-28)  
    oooo Definitely. This probably is Win10 only so don't remove options for users stuck with Win7 and earlier versions.(2022-03-28)  
    Zilch I'll test it out on Windows 7 too, you never know.(2022-03-30)  
    Zilch One thing I can confirm: It does *NOT* work on Windows XP (fails with a DX 8.0 or later error).(2022-03-30)  
    oooo Are you sure it's a DX8 error? I thought it would just complain about a missing dwmapi.dll, which MS only started including in Vista.(2022-03-30)  
    oooo On Win7, i guess the only issue would be broken window edge snapping.(2022-03-30)  
    oooo Zilch, can you unban me from the discord server? I was falsely accused of spreading malware after sharing this dll on the server. August 2021, half a year before i got banned, I sent the source code of a demo of this dll to Zilch. What got me banned was lack of communication between Zilch and Toshabi.(2022-03-30)  
    Zilch Done. Had no idea you were banned.(2022-03-31)  
    Zilch And yeah, the DX 8 error is the only error that pops up on XP. No DLL errors.(2022-03-31)  
    ItzChiefBro so any updates on how to play full screen?(2022-04-09)  
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