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Title : Dear Zilch
Writer : vvvvvvvvvvvv Date : 2022-03-27 Count : 6344

20 years later i find myself searching for gunbound, the game i spent most of my aftershools time playing in midschool. Only to be taken by surprise this is the only pvt server that has preserved it and making a genuine effort to get it going. THANK YOU A BILLION!! IM BACK AND ADDICTED.

Zilch, I have played GB Retro on 3 different machines, all windows 10. Only works perfectly on 1 machine, the other 2 have an issue where when played with the “windows 10fix” option the gameplay screen is squared (left/right are cropped) if you know what i mean. PLEASE HELP WITH THIS, as the “fullscreen” option is not enjoyable.
    iDomusPrime https://imgsli.com/MTAxNzM2 **You mean this?(2022-03-28)  
    vvvvvvvvvvvv Yes the cropped. (2022-03-28)  
    Zilch oooo posted a topic #233, maybe try his solution out.(2022-03-28)  
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