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Title : Suggestions? Questions? Let's hear 'em!
Writer : Zilch Date : 2022-03-22 Count : 7249
Hey everyone!

I hope y'all have been enjoying GunBound. It's been incredibly encouraging to see so many new and folks hanging around and playing, especially these past few weeks. We've been seeing Twitch streamers such as sodapoppin, roflgator, and many others streaming the game and overall it seems that reception is quite positive on the server.

I've also been hearing much positive feedback in-game about the community that surrounds GunBound Retro, which is kind of unlike any other GunBound community, where it's very chill, relaxing, and not very competitive, making for some very fun, friendly games, with folks just messing around and enjoying the nostalgia. While Server 1 remains to be popular in the game, one thing I've noticed is the lack of specific-gameplay rooms such as "dual only", "aduka only", etc., like folks just wanna play for the sake of playing and hanging out, and I think that's really cool and extremely unique here! The game is much more fun when you impose less rules on the gameplay, in my opinion– I don't even see folks bothering to disable in-game items anymore, neat!

I'll start with a quick FAQ:

Q: When will Guilds come out? They were originally promised in Aug 2021!
A: As soon as I can get it done. There was a massive delay and other technical hurdles that have pushed this to an indefinite timeline, but progress is slowly being made. I have a personal goal of May 2022. Thank you for your patience on this!

Q: When's that avatar shop revamp coming out?
A: Honestly? Probably next month sometime!

Q: Is this an official server?
A: We are not an official server, we are a private server. We're humbled by the fact that many think we are official, however!

Q: Any upcoming events?
A: Major events will be handled once we're no longer in Beta, which should be very very soon.

Q: When will _____ bug be fixed?
A: As soon as we can get to it.

Feel free to ask any questions below, and I'll try to answer as best as I can!
    Zilch Also please keep in mind, there may be some questions I cannot answer either due to privacy or confidentiality purposes, but I'll let you know if that's the case and will answer as soon as I can!(2022-03-22)  
    Zilch Gosh, tough crowd. :x(2022-03-25)  
    TioJulio Maybe you should make some events or tournament for streamers to get more people in the server, 2x GP and something funny... keep doing a good work guys <3 love you (2022-03-26)  
    Cur0Kag3 is there a way to make higher fps in game or is it too difficult?(2022-03-26)  
    Zilch @TioJulio: Oh those are good ideas! Thank you!(2022-03-26)  
    Zilch @Cur0Kag3: The game's animations are tied to framerate, so the game will forever be locked at 20FPS. The higher the framerate, the faster the game will literally play.(2022-03-26)  
    Boss I would definitely like to see this server grow and gain popularity. I think many of the bug fixes regarding playability, fullscreen, etc. already help to give the majority of users a VERY playable nostalgia bomb. I personally am already having a great time playing the game and just want to see a larger community. Like TioJulio suggested, we could do some events. Or we could promote Twitch streaming of the game by providing some sort of reward like a custom avatar or something else.(2022-03-28)  
    TioJulio Guys i dont know if you can do it but i really want to open my buddy list in game. thats my suggestion <3 love you (2022-03-28)  
    Chad6468 Definitelly i would like change the mobiles.(2022-04-25)  
    Chad6468 zilch ive presents with daniel diamond game levels. i cant imposs and write what i dont know about this game: i suck it well(time and seconds ago) "Definitelly i would like change the mobiles. Specfied how we cant turn on changeless i would like one forum online in this website, with prohibitions about chakers dialogs.Just like that "(2022-04-25)  
    iDomusPrime An update of Characterdata would be nice, (Damage and balance of Mobiles)... specifically, using the GIS v993 file... The resistance of all mobiles is greater... I extracted it to integrate it into WorldChampion and really, even JD... who is usually easily destroyed by Bionic-type mobiles... can put up a fight. Remember: GIS v993, (Characterdata)(2022-04-29)  
    iDomusPrime a Example: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHMnOOSVI_Q **view the damage)(2022-04-29)  
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