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Title : How to install on Mac WITHOUT CrossOver
Writer : Zilch Date : 2022-01-14 Count : 354
Hi everyone,

Here's a quick tutorial to install GunBound on Mac *WITHOUT* having to buy CrossOver. This guide will be officially added to the download page soon.

Step 1: Install Homebrew (skip if you already have this)
Visit https://brew.sh for installation instructions.

Step 2: Installing Wine
In Terminal, type:
"brew tap gcenx/wine && brew install wine-crossover"

Step 3: Install GunBound
Download the Windows 7 version of GunBound Retro, then in terminal:
"wine *install path and filename here*"
Note: Just simply install GunBound Retro to the default path

Step 4: Launch Explorer
In Terminal, type:
"wine explorer.exe"
Once you're in explorer, navigate to the folder you installed GunBound, and run GunBound.exe

Step 5: Enjoy GunBound!
And that's it! You are now running GunBound without purchasing CrossOver!
    Zilch Sorry I should clarify Step 3: "wine msiexec /i *install path and filename here*. Example: "wine msiexec /i /Users/zilchfox/Downloads/GunBoundWC_R_7.msi"(2022-01-14)  
    Haribo I guess that's why server was empty(2022-01-15)  
    Haribo now Mac users will fill this, no doubts.(2022-01-15)  
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