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  If you’ve ever had a chance to explore the Avatar Shop, you undoubtedly have noticed that each item has unique statistics. There are 8 types of stats that each avatar may have your character acquire upon being equipped. While many of these stats can give a character a lot of benefits, such as a better shield or earning more Gold in a game, some stats can also be detrimental.

Each ability will have an icon that displays either a + or -, where the plus sign will have a positive status effect, but on the flip side, a negative sign will have a negative status effect. Each avatar will have a maximum of three types of statuses.

There are five parts of avatars a character can equip; Head, Body, Glasses, Flag, and Extra (also known as Ex).

In the end, it’s all a balancing game, to come up with the ultimate set of avatars. Do you prefer a set that’s entirely defensive with high healing capabilities? Or maybe perhaps you’ll want to go all out on the offensive with a high attack? Some folks even prefer to be a Jack of All Trades, but a master of none with a much more balanced set of stats.

Ultimately, it’s up to you.

Delay Modifier
Delay will affect how often you have your turn. To see how the effects, keep an eye on the turn list in the bottom-left corner of the screen during a match.
Each point in the Popularity stat affects your Gold in a match by 1%. For example, if you have 20 Popularity, and you do a 1,000 Damage Bonus, normally that would be 100 Gold, but instead you would receive 120 Gold. Be careful, it works against you with penalties, too!
This will increase your damage output. Each point of Attack stats is 1% more damage dealt.
Increasing your Defense stat will allow you to reduce how much damage you receive by 1% per stat.
Every mobile has a base value of HP (some more than others), however you can use the HP stat to increase how much health your mobile has by 1% per stat point.
  Shield Regeneration
Mobiles that regenerate sheild (such as Mage or A.Sate) will regenerate 1% faster per Shield Regeneration stat point.
  Game Item Delay
Some Game Items will cause you to pack on additional delay, making you have less turns per match. Use this stat to help offset this detrimental effect.
Popular in Bunge matches, you'll want this stat if you want to have an easier time to make your enemies fall to their death with each shot you take.
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